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--- Tired of battling insurance companies, policyholders, and, often, their bankers?

--- Are you increasingly frustrated at keeping up with higher administrative costs to properly service your trade credit insurance clients and their insurers?

--- Are you looking for ways to increase your earnings, provide value-added to your customers in an increasingly automated insurance environment, and reduce the administrative cost of your back office?

Trade Banker® and Trade Credit Policy Managersm may be the solutions to your problems.

Trade Banker® is a trade credit insurance policy verification and receivables monitoring system that shifts much of the policy administration process from your back office to your customers. Once customer, policy, buyer and any bank loan data is loaded into the system (just like your customers currently MANUALLY interrelate their accounts receivable and customer payments to the trade credit insurance policy and their receivables financing) Trade Banker® utilizes the same data to AUTOMATICALLY measure whether or not the outstanding receivables are covered by their specific policy.

Trade Credit Policy Managersm is a back office policy management and customer contact manager system, designed specifically for the trade credit insurance industry. It keeps you one step ahead of your customers and their insurance companies by proactively managing these files. It puts your voluminous paper policy and "pending" files at your fingertips and on your desktop computer. Combined, these programs:


  • Failure To Report ALL transactions

  • Underreporting ALL transactions

  • Inadequate Buyer Limits (shipping without coverage)

  • Late Filing (and late premium payment)

First, Trade Banker® guides you through the process of loading the insurance policy terms, conditions, and various limits into the system. It requires that data be thoroughly entered in specific fields so "acts of omission" are minimized.

Trade Banker® then stores this information in your own proprietary database. As data is entered on each invoice (manually or through Trade Banker's® unique electronic, automated data upload feature), Trade Banker® will automatically verify that the invoice matches ALL the terms and conditions of the policy. If not, Trade Banker® goes the extra step and tells you WHY NOT.

Finally, when payments are received and entered into the system, Trade Banker® will automatically pay off invoices and increase the availability of the buyer's credit limit. No more guessing if you are covered on new shipments.

Best of all, for both of these functions - invoice and payment input, Trade Banker® ALLOWS FOR AUTOMATED DATA ENTRY, which dramatically lowers the costs of managing insurance and trade finance lending. For the automated data upload feature, Trade Banker® uses the convenient and universal delimited ASCII format. This format will mitigate against data entry errors from the very beginning and utilizes a user-friendly format. No high-tech operating issues are required of your IT people.

How does Trade Banker® work? Here is a simple diagram of how this on-line system works:

One of the most important features of the system is the DATA MANAGEMENT or REPORTS function. All reports are in Microsoft EXCEL® Workbook format so they are easy to use, easy to save and easy to incorporate into other reports and databases.
The most convenient part of reporting is the ability to e-mail your monthly, quarterly or annual premium or past due reports to the insurance company. Most insurers now accept reports in this manner. You will no longer question what is covered and when it was reported!

New and unique reports can be created for your specific needs. Programmers at Lex-Tek International can create and tailor these proprietary reports for each user at nominal additional costs.

Because Trade Banker® is available as an on-line system, you do not have costly "Return on Technology Investment" to calculate. It is a monthly service, just like your telephone bill, only it pays for itself. License Fees are flexible and can be designed to meet each individual broker's needs. If you manage the system for your customers or allow them to manage it themselves, the fees you charge can more than offset the License Fees.


Trade Credit Policy Managersm is the solution. Conveniently written on the Microsoft Access® platform, Trade Credit Policy Managersm (as with Trade Banker®) requires no special hardware or software to install in order to use the system.

Developed especially for the trade credit insurance industry Trade Credit Policy Managersm is a tool to manage all of the functions of keeping up with various trade credit policyholders, their insurance policies, reporting and renewal requirement and the status of pending activities.

Trade Credit Policy Managersm puts all of your customers' trade credit insurance policies and pending files all on your desktop computer and at your fingertips. Inquiries by mail, e-mail or telephone can be addressed by accessing your Trade Credit Policy Managersm files.

Status reports, proactive reminders of key deadlines (policy renewals, buyer credit limit expirations, reporting dates, etc.) are all available by using Trade Credit Policy Managersm.

Currently, Trade Credit Policy Managersm is only available off-line and must be installed on your desktop. Future versions will be available on-line and enable your customers to access their files themselves, which can eliminate many routine telephone or e-mail requests.

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