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Founded in 1991 as a consulting organization to the export trade industry, LEX-TEK International, Inc. provides Trade Banker® and Trade Credit Policy Managersm services and software to manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters, trading companies, bankers, non-bank lenders, financial arrangers, trustees (for securitized assets), trade credit insurance companies and their specialty insurance brokers.

After writing thousands of trade credit insurance policies over 30+ years, a principal of LEX-TEK International witnessed first hand all of the recurring errors of omission and commission by banks and policyholders, large and small. With this background and the help of software designers and Internet experts, LEX-TEK International began creating first-stage products.

In 1995, the first product, Policy Keepersm was launched as a proprietary in-house trade credit insurance policy and contact management system. This system was designed specifically for internal use by Export Insurance Services, Inc., a major specialty trade credit insurance broker in the Southeast, founded in 1989 by a principal of LEX-TEK International.

Policy Keepersm was created to manage the myriad policy and buyer credit limits, and various expiration dates for buyer and policy limits that made servicing this insurance coverage so difficult.

In February 2002, LEX-TEK International acquired an unrestricted worldwide license from Export Insurance Services, Inc. to market and modify Policy Keepersm at its discretion. It is now being offered exclusively by LEX-TEK International to the general public for the first time. In February, 2003, Lex-Tek International undertook a thorough review and update of Policy Keepersm. It was completely rewritten from Microsoft Access® to Microsoft Visual Basic.NET®, the current standard for the Microsoft family of software. Lex-Tek renamed the software: "Trade Credit Policy Managersm" after this update to better reflect its brand. Enhanced flexibility, system navigation and reporting were designed into Trade Credit Policy Managersm.

The functionality that
Trade Credit Policy Managersm and it's predecessor, Policy Keepersm, lacked was a way for individual policyholders and their lenders to monitor and verify that individual invoices and payments were in compliance with the insurance policy terms and conditions, and the resulting loans their lenders made against such insured receivables. In response to this opportunity, Lex-Tek International created the concept for Trade Banker®.

In 1998, Trade Banker® v. 1.0 was launched. It was targeted to banks, other financial institutions, and companies who used trade credit insurance. Version 1.0 was created with the assumption that users would want to access the system on-line. Because widespread use of the Internet for service applications was in its infancy, LEX-TEK International explored ways for larger institutions to install the software on their own internal production systems. In 1999, LEX-TEK International introduced its Trade Banker® v.2.0 which was redesigned and tailored to look and feel more like a MS Windows® application. With this design introduction, Lex-Tek began licensing the software under both a service application and software product using its first perpetual license agreement.

As use of the Internet grew as a service provider, it became apparent that the rapid and accurate transmission of data as well as user-friendly reporting procedures would be essential. This would make Trade Banker® accessible to a wider variety of users, large and small. With this in mind, two features were added in 2002, and Trade Banker® v. 3.0 was introduced.

This first feature, AUTOMATED ELECTRONIC DATA UPLOAD allows users to upload invoice and payment information from their receivables and payables systems in a delimited ASCII format into Trade Banker®. This greatly speeds up the data entry function and reduces the opportunity for human error. Trade Banker® is now virtually a fully automated trade credit insurance monitoring and verification system.

The second feature, DATA MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS, including reports, were REFORMATTED into MICROSOFT EXCEL® Workbooks. This adds to the ease of information and data management. Reports can be easily stored, shared and incorporated into normal business reports and processes. For policyholders and insurance companies alike, it means that Shipment and Premium Reports and Past Due Reports can be prepared and filed in an accurate and timely manner, addressing three of the four key claims issues:

  • Failure To Report ALL transactions

  • Underreporting ALL transactions

  • Inadequate Buyer Limits (shipping without coverage)

  • Late Filling (and late premium payment)

In February, 2004, Lex-Tek entered into a JOINT MARKETING AGREEMENT with CreditHawk Systems, LLC, Atlanta, Georgia, a leading computer software application service provider for the legal, trade credit recovery and bankruptcy users. CreditHawk offers its Collaborative Case Management (“CCM”)® application service to both coordinate and manage the detailed and complex legal and commercial recovery processes for bankruptcy and trade receivables recoveries.

Lex-Tek sees the natural connection between users of its products and services to users of
Collaborative Case Management (“CCM”)®. Collaborative Case Management (“CCM”)® users may, or may not, use trade credit insurance to secure their trade receivables, or for obtaining trade finance. But, ALL Trade Banker® and Trade Credit Policy Managersm users find themselves in need of using Collaborative Case Management (“CCM”)® when their trade receivables become delinquent and/or, by their insurance underwriters, after claims are filed under their trade credit insurance policies.

In addition, trade credit insurance underwriters require that their policyholders use due diligence in policing their past due receivables, collecting any and all delinquent amounts and to assign all of their rights over to the underwriter when a claim is paid. The use of
Collaborative Case Management (“CCM”)® automatically provides a seamless transfer of all collection efforts from the policyholder [both internal (collection department, in-house counsel, captive finance company, etal.) and external (outside lender, outside counsel, collection agency, repossession and remarketing firms, among others)], over to the insurance underwriter after a claim has been paid.

Collaborative Case Management (“CCM”)® lowers the costs of collecting delinquent accounts (whether pre- or post-insurance claim) and increases the incidence of monetary recoveries for both the policyholder and the insurance underwriter. Lex-Tek is confident that its users will see the added benefits of combining Collaborative Case Management (“CCM”)® to the use of its other products and services. Please refer to the “Products” dropdown box on the Lex-Tek homepage for further information.

Dick Boger, Co-founder, President & CEO (1991 - Present):
Founder, President & CEO of Export Insurance Services, Inc., a specialty trade credit insurance broker HQ in Atlanta, Georgia (1989-2002), Co-founder and Chairman of B&R International/Boger & Reid, Atlanta, Georgia, a middle-market and large-market corporate, full service commercial insurance brokerage (1982-1989), Vice President and insurance broker with Frank B. Hall & Co. (now AON Corp.-NYSE), Atlanta, Georgia (1972-1982), Loan Officer, Export-Import Bank of the U.S., Washington, D.C. specializing in trade credit insurance "Master Policy" underwriting (1971-1972), and Management Trainee, Michigan National Bank, Lansing, Michigan (1968-1971).

Atlanta, GA

Kyle Cole, Technology Manager (1995 - Present):
Founder and Principal KTC Integrated Systems, Largo, Florida, a full service computer hardware and software services company, including website development, management and application programming (1989-Present), Co-founder and President NetAdvantage, Inc., St. Petersburg, Florida, an IT specialty hardware and software services company (1994-1997), and AT&T Paradyne Corp., Largo, Florida, Systems Engineer(1981-1987).

Largo, FL

Dan Kimberly, Midwest Sales (1998 - Present):
Founder and President Export Insurance Services-Midwest, Chicago, Illinois (1998-Present), Vice President Trade Finance, West LB Bank, Chicago, Illinois, unit of West LB, Germany (1988-1998), Vice President Trade Finance, First National Bank of Chicago, Illinois (1976-1988), and Regional Manager, Foreign Credit Insurance Association (FCIA), Chicago, Illinois (1973-1976).

Chicago, IL

Christine Topoulos, National Sales and Marketing (2001 - Present):
Former Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Export-Import Bank of the United States, Washington, D.C. (1993-1998), Vice President and Manager, Structured Trade Finance, Citicorp/Citibank, (1983-1992), Senior Vice President and Manager Trade Finance, SunTrust Banks, N.A., Atlanta, Georgia (1999-2000), and Export Finance Manager for two major construction equipment manufacturers.

Atlanta, GA

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