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We are a trade finance and trade credit insurance services and software provider.

Our users include: banks, non-bank lenders, financial arrangers, trustees (for securitized transactions), manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters, trade credit insurance companies and their specialty insurance brokers.

Our Trade Banker® System provides users with security and the knowledge that receivables, large and small, foreign or domestic, comply with the terms of the trade credit insurance policies that provide commercial and political risk coverage against the nonpayment of insured receivables.

We also assist trade credit insurers, their policyholders and insurance brokers to manage their policy “back offices” through our Trade Credit Policy Managersm Software.

To learn more about our products and services, please select and click on one of the sidebars to the left. There you will be guided through our Internet-based services and help you identify the service and value proposition that best suits your organization.

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